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Privacy Policy

Our Obligation/ Responsibility/ Assurance:
JimSMEnews.com is committed to offer authentic, unbiased and factually appropriate information to the subscribers with keen eye on the Subscriber's right to privacy. We are committed to keep our subscriber's personal and financial information secured with us and not to manoeuvre it without an evidence of consent from the respective subscriber.

To strengthen our association with our subscribers, JimSMEnews.com is clearly stating/ disclosing all the privacy policies below. We are requesting you to personally go through each and every details of our privacy code to understand the type of personally identifiable information we gather from our subscribers/ browsers and how it helps us to know and serve our subscribers/ browsers better.

Considering all our subscribers/ Browsers to be legal internet users having attained the right age and using proper technology to access internet we would like to inform you that this privacy policy is applicable to data collected from our subscribers on this particular website www.jimsmenews.com. This policy will be followed in accordance with the law of the region where we operate. There may be additional privacy notices and/ or amendments specific to data we collect or provide.

Subscriber's Approval:
When you register for an account to this website www.jimsmenews.com you consent to provide us or share with us your personal information as required in the process of registration. In case, you are registering with us from any other country except India, the terms of privacy applicable to you will be as per the law of that country you are residing at the time of registration

Browsing JimSMEnews.com:
You should not access JimSMEnews.com by means of any technology that hides or manipulates your actual geo-location. If done, your data collected by us will not be protected under our privacy code.

Providing Personally Identifying Information:
JimSMEnews.com collects only necessary information required to respond to your requests regarding our services. Apart from basic personal information like an individual's name, postal address, email-id and mobile number, we do not collect any excess information. All personal data stored with us are collected from the subscriber himself, by his/ her consent. Regarding any fake information provided to us, this privacy policy does not apply nor are we committed to offer better services.

Below are the details of the information we collect from out subscribers:

Subscriber's Profile Details:

  • Name
  • Email ID
  • Country
  • Mobile Number

Providing Voluntary Information to JimSMEnews.com:
When our subscribers give a feedback or shoot an e-mail or letter to us, we store such information in our database for future communications.

Providing Involuntary/ Automatic Information to JimSMEnews.com:
JimSMEnews collect information related to the subscriber's use of our services, time spend on our website, devices used to access our website, interactions with us etc.

Unsubscribe JimSMEnews.com:
You can, at any time withdraw your consent or personal information provided to us by deleting unsubscribing us. You can also change/ update certain information that you have earlier provided to us. In case, you want to close or withdraw your subscription with us, we will immediately stop processing your personal identifiable information further post a formal verification process.

Notice of Caution:
1. Please also keep in observance that our sites and applications may contain links to other sites not owned or controlled by us and we are not responsible for the privacy practices of those sites.
2. All capitalized terms that have not been specifically defined herein shall have the same meaning as provided under the Terms of Use.
3. This Privacy Policy should be read in conjunction and together with the Terms of Use applicable to the service (website, application or other service) you are using.

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