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Rs. 27.13 lacs net loss at Sanginita Chemicals in quarter ended 31st March, 2020

Sanginita Chemicals announced its financial results for the quarter and year ended on March 31, 2020

Company : Sanginita Chemicals Limited

In the Q4 of FY2019-20 at Sanginita Chemicals, the company earned total revenue of Rs.37.32 crore showing a decrease compared to Rs.42.29 crore in a year ago period.

Standalone net loss for the Sanginita Chemicals reached Rs.27.13 lacs in Q4 of FY19-20 showing a fall when compared to the net profit Rs.1.40 crore in a year ago period.

The loss per share for the current quarter year is Rs.0.16 as against EPS of Rs.0.81 in previous year same period.

Following are the standalone financials of the recently concluded FY2019-20 at Sanginita Chemicals:

- Profit after tax reached 3.94 crore whereas preceding year same period it was Rs.3.36 crore.

- Revenue was Rs.187.74.crore as compared to Rs.160 crore in a year ago period.

- EPS stood at Rs.2.28 while last year corresponding period it was Rs.1.95.

Rs. in Lacs
Current Year Upto Previous Year Upto Previous Year
31/3/2020 31/3/2019 2019-2020
Income Statement
Revenue 3725.85 4226.05 18759.30
Other Income 6.83 3.72 15.41
Total Income 3732.68 4229.77 18774.71
Expenditure 3679.09 3942.58 17839.29
Finance Cost 85.18 74.77 318.72
PBDT -31.59 212.42 616.69
Depreciation 22.71 17.71 70.43
PBT -54.30 194.71 546.27
Tax -27.17 56.11 151.95
Net Profit -27.13 138.60 394.31
Equity 1726.77 1726.77 1726.77
EPS -0.16 0.81 2.28

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