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Tara Chand Logistic Solutions: Revenue falls by 5.60 crore against Rs.23.78 crore, loss per share of Rs.1.50 against EPS of Rs.1.66 QoQ

Rajnandini Metal: Board recommends bonus share in 1:1 ratio

Board of Directors of Rajnandini Metal approved the issue of bonus shares in the ratio of 1:1.

Vaxtex Cotfab: PAT dips at Rs.9.32 lacs against Rs.60.20 lacs despite 26% jump revenue at Rs.27.77 crore YoY

Vaxtex Cotfab :Revenue increased by Rs.5.75 crore against Rs.22.01 crore YoY.

Solex Energy: HY2FY20 PAT drop by Rs.1.29 crore against Rs.3.31 crore in HY2FY19

Solex Energy: HY2FY20 revenue decline by Rs.17.56 crore against Rs.85.40 crore.

Brand Concepts: Suffered loss of Rs.1.10 crore against PAT of Rs.2.66 for FY20

Brand Concepts: HY2FY20, revenue reached Rs.35.43 crore against Rs.47.92 crore, PAT at Rs.47.17 lacs against Rs.2.62 crore, EPS at Rs.0.45 against Rs.2.48 in HY2FY19.

Debock Sales And Marketing: HY2-FY20 Profit jump at Rs.2.08 lacs against net loss of Rs.55.32 lacs in HY2 FY19

Debock Sales And Marketing: HY2 FY20 Revenue falls by Rs.2.78 crore against Rs.10.01 crore in HY2 FY19

Wonder Fibromats: Profit falls to Rs.4.44 crore in FY20 against Rs.6.14 crore on YoY

Wonder Fibromats: FY19-20 revenue dips at Rs.297.81 crore against Rs.309.57 crore, EPS dips 46% at Rs.5.30 against Rs.9.98 YoY.

Surani Steel Tubes: Rs.4.95 crore net loss against loss of Rs.13.63 lacs YoY

Revenue rises to Rs.98.05 crore against Rs.93.01 crore YoY. HY2-2019 PAT stood at Rs.34.53 lacs whereas last year HY2 marked Rs.54.87 lacs net loss.

DRS Dilip Roadlines: PAT dips at Rs.2.29 crore against Rs.2.62 crore YoY despite Rs.5.25 crore jump in revenue

DRS Dilip Roadlines earned revenue of 155.54 crore against Rs.150.29 crore and EPS of Rs.1.52 compared to Rs.1.75 YoY.

Lexus Granito (India): Net Loss of Rs.1.86 crore against PAT of Rs.33.94 lacs YoY

Lexus Granito (India): Revenue falls Rs.34.37 lacs at Rs.103.70 crore, loss per share at Rs.0.97 against EPS of Rs.0.18 YoY.

Ascom Leasing & Investments: Net jumps by 33.2% to Rs.4.60 crore

Ascom Leasing & Investments: PAT at Rs.4.60 crore against Rs.3.45 crore, revenue at Rs.10.17 crore versus Rs.9.14 crore and EPS of Rs.5.89 against Rs.6.06 YoY

MITCON Consultancy & Engineering Services: CONSOL PAT jumps 61.22% to Rs.2.37, Standalone Profit rises 29% to Rs.4.06 crore YoY

MITCON Consultancy & Engineering Services marked CONSOL PAT at Rs.2.37 crore against Rs.1.47 crore, revenue rises to Rs.63.77 crore against Rs.39.83 crore YoY.

Continental Seeds and Chemicals: PAT hikes to Rs.64.82 lacs against Rs.46.50 lacs, revenue rises by Rs.5.9 crore YoY

Continental Seeds and Chemicals: revenue jumps to Rs.88.13 crore against Rs.82.23 crore, EPS reached Rs.1 compared to Rs.0.77 YoY

Novateor Research Laboratories: Net loss reached Rs.0.79 lacs against PAT of Rs.21.84 lacs despite rise in revenue to Rs.66.31 lacs against Rs.51.41 lacs YoY

Novateor Research Laboratories: HY2-2019 net loss stood at Rs.1.94 lacs against HY2-2018 PAT of Rs.21.73 lacs, despite rise in revenue by Rs.3.99 lacs.

India Green Reality: Suffered net loss of Rs.9.31 lacs against PAT of Rs.3.42 lacs, despite jump in revenue by Rs.11.51 crore YoY

India Green Reality: Revenue reached Rs.18 crore against Rs.6.48 crore and Loss per share is Rs.0.06 against EPS of Rs.0.03 YoY.

Bothra Metals and Alloys: Net Loss up by Rs.1.27 crore to Rs.1.67 crore, revenue dips by 36% YoY

Bothra Metals and Alloys: Net loss of Rs.1.67 crore against loss of Rs.39.89 lacs, revenue reached Rs.18.99 crore against Rs.29.70 crore YoY.

SDC Techmedia: PAT dips by Rs.82.63 lacs to Rs.55.31 lacs, despite rise in revenue by 8% YoY

SDC Techmedia: PAT at Rs.55.31 lacs against Rs.1.37 crore, revenue of Rs.10.22 crore against Rs.9.46 crore, EPS of Rs.0.85 compared to Rs.2.12 YoY.

Max Alert Systems: HY2-2019 loss margin decreased by Rs.20.59 lacs, despite fall in revenue by Rs.16.22 lacs compared to HY-2018

Max Alert Systems: PAT at Rs.1.84 lacs against Rs.3.02 lacs, revenue of Rs.11.85 crore against Rs.19.08 crore YoY.

SBC Exports: PAT at Rs.1.27 crore against Rs.1.33 crore, revenue at Rs.100.35 crore against Rs.80.41 crore YoY

SBC Exports: 4% decline in annual PAT despite 24.79% rise in revenue, EPS reached Rs.1.30 against Rs.3.44.

Veeram Securities: PAT jumps by Rs.79.2 lacs to Rs.1.09 crore, revenue rises by 33% YoY

Veeram Securities: PAT of Rs.1.09 crore against Rs.30.61 lacs, revenue reached Rs.21.02 crore against Rs.15.74 crore, EPS rises at Rs.2.55 compared to Rs.0.71 YoY

Pyxis Finvest: Incurred Rs.5.76 lacs net loss with 65.13% decrease in revenue YoY

Pyxis Finvest: Net loss of Rs.5.76 lacs against Rs.2.10 crore, revenue at Rs.1.52 crore against Rs.4.36 crore YoY

Vivid Mercantile: Decrease in net loss reaching to Rs.4.09 lacs against loss of 3.05 crore, jump in revenue by Rs.18.68 crore YoY

Vivid Mercantile: Revenue at Rs.30.04 crore against Rs.11.36 crore, EPS is Rs.0.05 against loss of Rs.3.83 per share YoY.

Galactico Corporate Services: CONSOL PAT dips 6% at Rs.1.21 crore, revenue falls 12.12% at Rs.16.88 crore YoY

Galactico Corporate Services: CONSOL PAT at Rs.1.21 crore against Rs.1.30 crore, revenue falls to Rs.16.88 crore against Rs.19.21 crore, EPS at Rs.2.18 against Rs.2.40 YoY.

KMS Medisurgi: PAT shrinks by Rs.1.09 lacs at Rs.11.25 lacs despite rise in revenue at Rs.10.34 crore against Rs.10.27 crore YoY.

KMS Medisurgi: PAT dips at Rs.11.25 lacs against Rs.12.34 lacs, revenue up at Rs.10.34 against Rs.10.27 crore, EPS at Rs.0.34 compared to Rs.0.37 YoY.

Deccan Healthcare: PAT shrinks 30% at Rs.10.08 crore, revenue dips by Rs.2.03 crore at Rs.42.30 crore YoY

Deccan Healthcare: PAT dips at Rs.10.08 crore against Rs.14.48 crore, revenue declines at Rs.42.30 crore against Rs.44.33 crore, EPS fell at Rs.6.42 against Rs.10.29 YoY

White Organic Retail: PAT dips Rs.1.62 crore at Rs.17.08 lacs, Revenue fall at Rs.71 crore against Rs.161.32 crore YoY

White Organic Retail: PAT falls at Rs.17.08 lacs against Rs.1.79 crore, EPS declines at Rs.0.31 against Rs.5.98 YoY

Deep Polymers: PAT dips 55% at Rs.1.51 crore , revenue falls 20% at Rs.33.94 YoY

Deep Polymers: PAT at Rs.1.51 crore against Rs.3.37 crore, Revenue at Rs.33.94 crore against Rs.44.52 crore, EPS at Rs.1.29 compared to Rs.2.96 YoY

SK International Export: Suffered loss of Rs.46.77 lacs against PAT of Rs.10.38 lacs despite rise in revenue by 89% at Rs.8.72 crore YoY

SK International Export: Revenue rises to Rs.8.72 crore against Rs.4.60 crore, while net loss at Rs.46.77 lacs against PAT of Rs.10.39 lacs YoY

Spicy Entertainment and Media: PAT shrinks to Rs.5.54 lacs against Rs.9.19 lacs despite rise in revenue by 7% at Rs.8.12 crore YoY

Spicy Entertainment and Media: Revenue rises to Rs.8.12 crore against Rs.7.57 crore, EPS shrinks at Rs.0.03 against Rs.0.06 YoY

Sagar Diamonds: PAT jumps 29% to Rs.7.46 crore, revenue rises at Rs.1970.49 crore against Rs.1731.56 croe YoY

Sagar Diamonds: PAT increased to Rs.7.46 crore against Rs.5.78 crore, EPS at Rs.5.90 against Rs.4.57 YoY.

GCM Securities: Net loss margin increased to Rs.11.20 crore against loss of Rs.5.09 crore, revenue dips by 74% at Rs.1.29 crore YoY

GCM Securities: Revenue shrinks to Rs.1.29 crore against Rs.5 crore, loss per share at Rs.0.59 against Rs.0.26 YoY

GCM Capital Advisors: Loss margin decreased to Rs.0.46 lacs against Rs.6.52 lacs despite dip in revenue by 1.20% at Rs.2.31 crore YoY

GCM Capital: Revenue at Rs.2.31 crore against Rs.2.34 crore, loss per share at Rs.0.003 against loss of Rs.0.038 per share YoY.

Relicab Cable Manufacturing: Loss of Rs.2.13 crore against PAT of Rs.1.10 crore, revenue dips to Rs.12.53 crore against Rs.22.83 crore YoY

Relicab Cable Manufacturing: loss per share reached Rs.3.95, against EPS of Rs.2.05 YoY. HY2-2019 loss of Rs.1.25 crore against PAT of Rs.1.08 crore in HY2018.

Trivikarma Industries: Net loss margin rises to Rs.49.18 lacs against loss of Rs.22.18 lacs will fall in revenue by 86% at Rs.1.27 crore YoY

Trivikarma Industries: Revenue dips to Rs.1.27 crore against Rs.9.47 crore, loss per share at Rs.0.069 against loss of Rs.0.031 per share YoY.

Goblin India: PAT rises 22% at Rs.4.23 crore, revenue jumps to Rs.70.92 crore against Rs.68.41 crore YoY

Goblin India: PAT increased to Rs.4.23 crore against Rs.3.44 core, EPS at Rs.5.73 against Rs.50.83 YoY

Blueblood Ventures: PAT remains constant at Rs.3 crore despite rise in revenue by Rs.1.41 crore YoY

Blueblood Ventures: Rs.3 crore PAT with revenue of Rs.2.15 crore against Rs.74.48 lacs YoY

Adhiraj Distributors: PAT dips 48% at Rs.7.61 lacs with fall in revenue at Rs.2.99 crore against Rs.4.08 crore YoY

Adhiraj Distributors: PAT declines at Rs.7.61 lacs against Rs.14.87 lacs, EPS at Rs.0.05 against Rs.0.09 YoY

RO Jewels: Sufferred net loss of Rs.11.44 lacs against PAT of Rs.1.49 crore despite rise in revenue by Rs.121.11 crore YoY

RO Jewels: Revenue jumps to Rs.125.36 crore against Rs.4.24 crore, loss per share at Rs.0.04 against EPS of Rs.0.01 YoY

Diksat Transworld: Suffered loss of Rs.3.91 crore against PAT of Rs.50.31 lacs, revenue dips 54% to Rs.5.16 crore YoY

Diksat Transworld: Revenue shrinks to Rs.5.16 crore against Rs.11.35 crore with loss per share of Rs.2.23 against EPS of Rs.0.29 YoY

Roopshri Resorts: Jumps to net profit of Rs.1.06 lacs against loss of Rs.4.56 lacs, rise in revenue by Rs.24.21 lacs YoY

Roopshri Resorts: Revenue of Rs.31.96 lacs against Rs.7.75 lacs, EPS of Rs.0.02 against loss of Rs.0.09 per share YoY

Active Clothing Co.: PAT falls to Rs.85.80 lacs against Rs.3.06 crore, revenue dips by 4% at Rs. 148.24 crore YoY

Active Clothing Co.: Revenue stood at Rs.148.24 crore against Rs. Rs.154.72 crore. EPS reached Rs.0.55 against Rs.1.97 YoY

Innovators Facade Systems: CONSOL loss at Rs.8 crore against PAT of Rs.4.65 core with a 10% shrink in revenue at Rs.142.56 crore YoY

Innovators Facade Systems: Revenue at Rs.142.56 crore against Rs.158.76 crore, loss per share at Rs.4.24 against EPS of Rs.2.58 YoY.

Shree Ganesh Remedies: consolicated PAT jumps 68% at Rs.10.47 crore, declares 15% final dividend

Shree Ganesh Remedies: consolidated PAT at Rs.10.47 crore against Rs.6.23 crore, revenue at Rs.67.92 crore against Rs.36.47 crore, EPS rises 67% to Rs.11.67 against Rs.6.95 YoY.

DC Infotech and Communication: PAT jumps to Rs.1.26 crore against Rs. 58.04 lacs and revenue multiplies to 147.83 crore against Rs. 15.39 crore YoY.

DC Infotech and Communication marks a rise of Rs.36.83 lacs in HY2-2019 PAT at Rs.94.87 lacs with revenue of Rs.76.70 crore.

Shree Tirupati Balajee FIBC : PAT shrinks to Rs.3.57 crore against Rs.6.27 crore YoY

Shree Tirupati Balajee FIBC: HY2-19 PAT at Rs.64.83 lacs and revenue at Rs.52.50 crore against PAT of Rs.3.01 crore and revenue of Rs.60.28 crore in HY2-18.

Marvel Decor: Rs.71.69 lacs consolidated PAT shows a dip against Rs.3.50 crore YoY

Marvel Decor: Standalone PAT Rs.1.36 crore against Rs.1.56 crore and revenue shrinks to Rs.16.76 crore compared to Rs.17.05 crore YoY.

Osia Hyper Retail: Rs.4.45 crore HY2-19 PAT against Rs.5.30 crore PAT in HY2-18

Osia Hyper Retail: standalone HY2-2019 PAT at Rs.4.45 crore and revenue at Rs.200.36 crore against HY2-2018 PAT at Rs.5.30 crore and revenue at Rs.136.84 crore

Dhanuka Realty: HY2-19 PAT at Rs.9.68 lacs, against Rs.36.51 lacs net loss in HY2-18

Dhanuka Realty marked standalone Rs.9.68 lacs HY2-2019 PAT against Net loss of Rs.36.51 lacs, revenue dips at Rs.52.68 thousand compared to Rs.1.76 lacs in HY2-2018

Standalone Rs.11.16 lacs HY2 profit at Encash Entertainment in FY19-20

Encash Entertainment announced its audited standalone HY2 financial result of FY2019-20 showing rise in HY2 profile despite fall in revenue.

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